Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sorry It's Been A While

I just realized today that I haven't updated this blog in over a week. I've been pretty good about updating the haiku blog, though some have to be back-dated because I couldn't get to the internet that day, and I had to change my Life From A2 blog to Sunday updates because it was just too hard to update two blogs one right after the other without easy access to the internet. 

We should be getting internet at out apartment this weekend, but I've just been informed that although we have all of the pieces of equipment, the modem came without a power cord. That might explain why it was such a good deal, but really, the seller should put that in the description when he puts it up for sale. 

I'm sorry this update is a bit rambling, I am on my lunch break at my job, so I only have so much time. Hoping to be able to return next week with a more substantial entry. This week, I will report on my new diet.  

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here (I'm pretty sure that I did at my other blog), but for the last month or so, I've been drinking lots and lots of tea. I find tea much easier to drink than water because water tastes boring and tea usually tastes pretty awesome. (I've made some bad blends lately, though, I admit. Chocolate tea is just a bad idea. It tastes like coffee.) Drinking the tea alone helped me lose 3 lbs in one week. 

I was pretty happy with these results, but I figured I should probably address what I was eating, as well, so I dug out my old Weight Watchers kit from 7 or so years ago, and I started using the point system and daily food journal. I've lost another 5 lbs since then. 

My problem is sort of the opposite of what Weight Watchers and other diet plans are meant to address - eating too many calories. I eat too few calories, which puts my body into starvation/hoarding mode. When I force myself to eat more, though, I just get nauseated. The food journal and point system help me plan meals that include fruit, vegetables, protein, and carbs, and allow me to eat more when I think I've eaten too much. 

The last time I was ordered to eat more calories (by a dietitian in college; I was eating 600 a day when the human body needs at least 1200 to properly function), I started eating at McDonald's because that was the only way I could get the right amount of calories into my stomach without vomiting. This way is much better balanced and better for me. (Even if I did instantly drop 10 lbs on the McDonald's diet.)

So that is my progress so far, 8 lbs and counting. I highly recommend drinking tea to everyone. It doesn't have nearly as much caffeine as people seem to think it does, and actually helps me sleep better as opposed to being interrupting. My favorite is sakurambo by Lupicia, which, sadly, does not exist near me. Lipton has a vanilla caramel that is pretty good, too, and helps curb a sweet tooth. As I said before, the chocolate tea was a bust. Yuck!


  1. If they sell this near you, try out Rooibos tea. Someone recommended it to be not too long ago, and I really like that one. I'm not sure how to describe the taste though. It's a darker tea without being black tea.

    1. Trader Joe's sells a Rooibos chai that is all right, but it has all the chai spices in it, so it's not pure Rooibos. Tea Haus probably has some. I am so nervous shopping there because they are expensive, but they are such an awesome resource.