Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Original Coney Island Hotdog(s)

Way back in history, in Detroit, Michigan, the coney island hotdog was born. The restaurant that served it was American Coney Island, and you can eat there today. You can also eat next door at Lafayette Coney Island, which was started by one of the brothers of American Coney Island when they had an argument over the best way to make a coney island hotdog.

While Greg and I were in Detroit last week, we decided to stop by and give one of them a try. I chose American because it was bigger and flashier and technically there first, though I peeked into Lafayette right next door. It looked smaller, but fuller with customers. One day I would like to eat at Lafayette to compare styles. Maybe when I am really hungry and can order one from each location to see them side-by-side.

You may have heard of American and Lafayette from the many food and travel shows that have featured it (there are pictures of people posing with the TV show hosts taped to the walls of American), and if you should ever vacation near Detroit, you may want to stop by for lunch. The prices are low, the menu is simple, the staff is friendly, and service is quick. We even managed to park right out front at one of the meters. Next door is a lovely community garden, so you may take your coneys to go if you like and enjoy a pleasant walk, weather providing.

And if you are familiar with coneys, you may be wondering how a coney can be taken to go (they are often quite messy). The coneys at American are actually on the dry side, and though they provide forks, I had no trouble picking mine up and eating it like a regular hotdog.

Back in March, I was on a coney kick and made coneys with cheese quite often at home. You can read about that here! Well, that's all there is this week. That's two restaurant reviews in a row. I guess I should re-acquaint myself with my kitchen this weekend. If I have time!

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