Monday, October 15, 2012

And we're back!

I apologize for my unannounced week-long absence. I was in a car accident last Monday, rendering the ensuing week extremely busy with insurance details, getting a rental car, and a doctor's visit to ensure my neck wasn't damaged. Most of the time I ate leftover pizza and bread sticks that Greg bought me Monday night, and occasionally leftover tomato bisque that the Crazy Wisdom tea room let me take home. (It was a very tomato-y week.) 

The only update I have now for you is to warn you away from a restaurant called Royal Kubo in Clawson, MI. The website claims they have the best Filipino karaoke, food, and drinks, but unless nachos, lo mein with jalapenos, and hamburgers are native Filipino fare, I think not. (I briefly dated a Filipino young man years ago, and I think I have enough memory of his mother's cooking to be suspicious.) 

I've been to Royal Kubo twice now. The first was for the new goth club night that they host on Tuesday, which is definitely worth going to, just don't go hungry. Seriously. Eat before you go. We ordered nachos, thinking they would be a good snack, and it took about 45 minutes for them to arrive, and I've had fancier nachos homemade in my microwave. And the place is not exactly hopping. There were maybe a dozen people in the restaurant at the time, and few of them were ordering food. 

The second time I went was to see "San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter" Unwoman. She was fabulous! I'd never seen a cello comprised solely of the neck before, which she had strapped around her waist while she played. She also did her own accompaniment by playing a bit and recording it with the use of a pedal at her feet and having it replay that part while she went on to play a different part. I've never seen that done before, and it was really cool. At one point, I think she had 4 going at one time.

Since the doors opened at 7pm and I worked until 6pm, Greg and I went straight there deciding to order dinner from their kitchen that we hoped would still be open. It was. We both ordered interesting fusion versions of lo mein. When the food arrived over an hour after ordering it, I was so sick with hunger that I didn't wait for the server to bring silverware and dug in with my hands. I had ordered beef lo mein because I wanted the protein, but the tiny nuggets of beef were so few and so hard that I couldn't stab them with my fork, it wasn't worth even the nominal extra cost. The noodles had obviously been boiled too long as they were mushy and fell apart in my mouth without needing to be chewed. 

I think only once before in my life have I been so unhappy with a dish from a restaurant that I couldn't eat it even when desperately hungry, and that was, believe it or not, at Walt Disney World in Florida (never opt for the vegetarian entrees in their parks - seriously!). I texted my roommate to see if she would eat it, and when she answered that she would, I asked for a to-go box. 

Sadly, between being hungry and frustrated over both the terrible food and my on-going car accident insurance claim difficulties (my agent told the adjuster that she didn't have my phone number (which is absurd), thereby making it impossible for the adjuster to get a hold of me outside of snail mail, which would have taken weeks), and the poor acoustics and too high a volume for the dance music played between Unwoman's sets, Greg and I left early because my head hurt and I just wanted to go to bed. Greg did buy one of her CDs because she is really talented, and we listened to it on the way home. 

The summation of this story is don't eat at Royal Kubo and do go check out Unwoman. 

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