Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sauteed Squash

A few weeks ago, I wrote about making scalloped squash with a new kind of squash that I'd never encountered before, pan squash (or pattypan, button, sunburst, scallopini, etc). I had one more squash and needed to use it up before it shriveled in on itself, so I decided to do a very simple recipe.

First, I sliced the squash, scooping out the seeds in middle when I got that far, rather like scooping out a pumpkin's innards, or back when I made baked acorn squash (which I should totally do again). 

I prepared the frying pan with canola oil, or possibly olive oil, I honestly don't remember now, with garlic salt sprinkled over-top and dried parsley flakes. If you hadn't noticed, garlic salt or powder and dried parsley flakes are pretty much my standard now. It's such a delicious combination!!

Anyway, once the oil was simmering a bit, I added the slices of squash. I covered the pan with a clear glass lid to help them cook faster. After a few minutes, I flipped them over to be sure both sides were cooked through. Since the squash was rather large and yielded a great number of slices, I had to do a few batches before it was all done.

I love the texture of the pan squash. The skin isn't nearly as tough as the yellow squash turned out to be. I think I prefer the flavor, too. It's a bit nutty and reminded me of acorn squash, from what I remember of the acorn squash. 

I don't think I've ever seen pan squash in the store, but if you should come across it, or find it at your local farmers' market, don't be put off by its unusual shape. It's really a very tasty squash that I don't think you'll regret buying. 

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