Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ann Arbor's Very Own Beer Garden

From the creators of Mark's Carts, I introduce to you Bill's Beer Garden located in the parking lot of Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor on the corner of Liberty and Ashley. Mark Hodesh partnered with Bill Zolkowski to bring us yet another unique Ann Arbor landmark-in-the-making.

I had heard rumors months ago about a beer gardening opening up in our kooky little city, and it was with great excitement that I texted my boyfriend Greg one night while walking back to my car from work that there was a sign up advertising Bill's Beer Garden. When Greg met me downtown tonight, we found the garden open.

Apparently it opened in late October - right before my birthday! - and somehow managed to escape my notice. It is open Thursday through Saturday from 5pm to 11pm and Sunday from 4pm to 9pm until December 2nd. And if you're thinking that it seems a might cold to be sitting around a parking lot drinking beer, fear not! There are two fire pits set up and given a constant supply of wood to keep the blazes going strong. So grab a beer, pull up a chair, and get cozy in front of a warm fire. Now that is a good time!

Don't like beer? Me neither, really. While Greg enjoyed his beer, I was quite pleased with my mulled wine, delightfully served in a little mason jar. Both the beers and the wines on the menu are Michigan-made and include brews and vintages from all over the state. My wine was from Leelanau. 

While we were there, old big band era music was playing over the stereo, but I've seen it rumored that live music will also occasionally pop up. 

So if you are looking for a new and unique drinking experience, jog on over to Liberty and Ashley and give Bill's Beer Garden a try. There's no cover, just be 21 years of age or over. And have a good time!

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