Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Make Easy Herb Butter

I spent Thanksgiving this year with my boyfriend Greg's family. He and I both had to work the day after, so it was nice to stay close to home. (Though I did then visit my family in Kalamazoo on Sunday, which is still sandwiched between work days. C'est la vie.) 

I went over to Greg's house at about eleven in the morning, and we headed over to his aunt's house just down the street soon after to see if we could help her with dinner preparations. While Greg chopped parsley for the stuffing, I made herb butter for the rolls. There was a recipe to follow, but we decided to modify it. My favorite thing!

First, I started with one stick of unsalted butter that had been set out on the counter to soften. I creamed this with a spoon in a small glass mixing bowl. Then I mixed in one tablespoon of lemon juice, which I think might have been too much. It left the butter quite tangy. Next, I took two pinches of the parsley that Greg was chopping and mixed it with the creamed butter. Then I told Greg to chop up two cloves of garlic for me. 

I tend to go overboard with garlic by my mother's reckoning, but I think this was a good amount of garlic for everyone. The chopped garlic was then creamed quite thoroughly in with the butter and parsley mixture. This was important, I think, because it crushed a lot of the little garlic pieces and better spread the flavor throughout the butter.

The resulting herb butter was fluffy, a bit tangy, as I mentioned above, and deliciously full of garlic and parsley, my two favorite seasonings. Everyone enjoyed it, which made me very happy considering I really didn't know what I was doing, which, honestly, is most of the time.

This is one recipe I will definitely have to make again, perhaps experimenting with different flavors. It looks fancy, but it is really easy! Try it!


  1. Okay, I want to make herb butter now. I usually use a grater on fresh garlic to help paste it and I think that would be great for this. I wonder what roasted garlic would taste like in herb butter form? I may have to do some experimentation next month when I have some time to play in the kitchen. :)

    1. Ooh! I like both of those garlic ideas! I am sort of new to using whole garlic. Greg is a little down on my constant use of garlic powder and garlic salt. He is also a huge fan of fresh shallots. I don't think I'd ever cooked with shallots until I met him.

    2. I've only been using real garlic for about 5 years. We never used anything but dried variations when I was growing up. Once you make the switch though, it's hard to use anything but the real deal! :)

      I've only used shallots a few times. Probably because I have onions and garlic on hand and rarely think to grab them. I should try to remedy that, eh?

    3. Greg has a problem with onions, so he prefers shallots. I looove onions, but the older I get, the more they bother my stomach. :( I don't have a problem with shallots so far, and I can eat vidalia onions, but they are only in season for part of the year and can be a bit pricey as a result.