Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turkey Bologna Revisited and Thanksgiving Leftovers

This time of year is all about the turkey. Leftover turkey sandwiches from Thanksgiving comprised of most of the my lunches this week. Last week, I picked up some 100% Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Slims from Trader Joe's that I haven't actually been eating as bagels, but rather using them to make some kick-ass sandwiches.

The first sandwich I was making before I had the luxury of Thanksgiving leftovers was comprised of one everything bagel slim, mustard, mayo, a slice of Muenster cheese, and a slice of turkey bologna. I reported on turkey bologna last year, and this year I decided to give it another shot because it was on sale for $2 at Meijer. This time, I got Oscar Meyer brand rather than Applegate Farms, so I can't vouch for the humane treatment of the turkeys involved in making the bologna, nor the lack of chemical crap. But hey, $2 is in my price range, and this package will make a lot of sandwiches. 

They were really pretty tasty sandwiches, too! I'm a little skeptical of the whole "slim bread" movement considering a regular slice of bread often has less calories and more fiber than its trendy slim cousin. I am, however, a huge fan of the everything bread movement. The only bread I will order from DiBella's Old Fashioned Submarines is their everything bread. It's like a party in my mouth! 

Trader Joe's sells everything bagels that are absolutely delicious and make excellent sandwiches. They are also a bit large, so I was actually happy to see the slim version. The taste is, admittedly, a bit different from the regular everything bagels, though this didn't really bother me since I was slathering them with mayo, mustard, meat, and cheese anyway. 

Once the turkey leftovers entered my fridge, I immediately had to try some on the everything bagel slim. I forwent the mayo and mustard this time, instead simply layering on the turkey and a slice of Muenster. Then a brilliant idea struck me. I put the sandwich in the microwave for 30 seconds, just enough time to melt the cheese a bit, warm the meat, and soften the bread. The result was utter perfection. 

Turkey breast on everything bread with cheese is my new favorite leftover sandwich. I think it could only be improved by the addition of a layer of leftover stuffing. C'est magnifique! 

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