Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Christmas

Christmas has always been a multiple event affair for me with different parties for different parts of my family. This year included another festivity to the mix: Roommate Christmas! Since Kimmy is leaving this Sunday to join her friends and family in California for Christmas and New Year's, the three of us decided to exchange presents on the 16th, one of the only days this season all three of us would be available at the same time with our busy schedules.

While listening to my New Orleans Christmas CD, Kimmy rolled out beignet dough in the kitchen, using Christmas cookie cutters to make star, tree, and snowman shaped beignets. I've only ever made beignets in the traditional square shape. It never occurred to me to cut them into fun shapes for different special occasions. They were just as tasty as any beignet, if not quite as big and fluffy as those from the Cafe Du Monde. (They never are made at home. Sigh. But I refuse to buy a deep fryer!)

When Bri returned home around noon, she got started on making biscuits and gravy with turkey sausage. Biscuits and gravy is not a dish that I grew up with, but I find it absolutely delicious. In fact, I devoted a whole blog entry about how much I ate biscuits and gravy on my roadtrip with Kimmy across the U.S. last year. I think that I need to learn how to make them for myself. Just the memory is making my mouth water...

My contribution to our special brunch was simple: 100% Florida orange juice and a bottle of Seccola Frizzante, a sparkling wine similar to Prosecco that was produced in Germany with Italian grapes. I believe this is a Trader Joe's exclusive, but I am not sure. You can read a fellow customer's review of the wine here, Seccola Frizzante at Trader Joe's. I don't think that the resuloting mimosas were as sweet as those made with certain champagnes I've had, but the crispness of the wine came through, and I found it to be an excellent pairing with the sweetness of the orange juice.

Relaxing with my roomies over mimosas, biscuits smothered in turkey sausage gravy, and festive beignets piled with powdered sugar was present enough, but the beautiful new earrings from Bri and my new DVD of Hocus Pocus, a movie that I haven't seen in years, but always loved, were very much appreciated, of course.

I'd say this was a great start to the gift-giving season!

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