Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas: Food in Jars

My very first entry in this blog was about baking sugar cookies to give to people for Christmas. I've done this a lot for people both for the holidays and as birthday presents, which is a great way to save money when you are low on funds, or simply don't know what else to get someone. Baked goods like cookies and brownies are rarely greeted with sadness.

This year, though, I wanted to try something a little different. Like cookies in a jar. Or brownies in a jar. Or maybe hot cocoa in a jar. During the holidays season, people really are inundated with cookies, cakes, pies, sugary breads, and candy. Some relish it, some get a little sick of it, figuratively and sometimes literally. So why not give them something that doesn't need to be immediately consumed? Something that can wait for a blustery January day when the warmth of an oven accompanies by the enticing aroma of baking sugary treats will be well appreciated.

Here are some of the various cookie and brownie recipes that I found while searching Pinterest and Bing:
One addition I thought was a cute ideas, especially for sugar or gingerbread cookies, is to tie a little cookie cutter around the jar. This could be holiday themed, or tailored to the people you are giving the gift to. Use a pirate shaped cookie cutter, for instance, or a dog or cat for animal lovers. Don't forget to include instructions on your jar. A few moist ingredients like eggs, milk, and butter will need to be added by the recipients. 

If your prefer drinking your sweets to nomming them, here are some hot cocoa in a jar recipes:

With all of these choices, I don't quite know what I am going to do! Maybe I will make a few of each kind and then let people choose what they prefer. Presents are all about making people happy! Have fun with your own gifts this year!

It isn't food, but I came across this super cute mason jar craft on Pinterest. If you fill a mason jar partway with Epsom salt, then place a tea light atop the salt, it will look like a candle sitting in snow! The linked site decorated the mason jar with twine and a very neat old fashioned key, but a holiday theme could be used instead, which I think would make a really neat center piece for the dining table!

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