Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ends and Pieces

Given my busy schedule, food has mostly amounted to odds and ends and a lot of scrounging. Take breakfast today for example: a small bowl of cereal, three slices of turkey bacon, and a half cup of canned peas and carrots. The cereal was for something resembling substance and I only had a tiny bit left plus crumbs, so I felt I needed to build on it with protein in the form of turkey bacon. The peas and carrots, well...

Trader Joe's has this new product that I forgot to buy the last time I was there because I was distracted by actually sticking to my list. It's a grinder of sea salt with garlic, dried onion, and parsley flakes. I also figured I could more or less recreate this at home using my own sea salt grinder, some garlic powder, flakes of parsley, and a shaker of dried onion, though, admittedly, ground dried onion would probably release more flavor, and certainly more evenly spread it, than a shake of dried onion bits.

I was rooting around in my fridge for something to add to my meager breakfast when I came across the leftover canned peas and carrots, and, remembering the shaker I had neglected to buy at Trader Joe's, I thought I'd experiment.

First I transferred the peas and carrots from their Tupperware container to a little microwave-friendlier bowl.  Then, before heating, I ground on some sea salt, sprinkled on some dried onions and parsley flakes, then shook on the garlic salt. After heating in the microwave for about 30 seconds, I took out the bowl, thoroughly mixed everything, and returned it to the microwave for another 30 seconds. Since the veggies were canned, they fell apart a little, but that didn't affect the flavor, just texture. 

I think the next time I am at Trader Joe's, I will go ahead pick up the new garlic salt grinder. Not that this wasn't tasty, it was just just difficult to obtain a uniform flavor that wasn't overpowering on so little surface area.

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