Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chicken Leg Quarters

When I stopped by Aldi tonight on my way home, I thought I should check out their meat section. This was only my third time there, and on my previous visits I stuck to dry goods and yogurt cups because you just can't beat 39 cents for an individual cup of yogurt, so I had to snatch them up. 

I was not disappointed by Aldi's frozen meat prices. I usually buy the 2.2 lb bag of frozen chicken thighs from Trader Joe's for $6.49 (it's $6.99 for 2.2 lbs of white meat) because it is both inexpensive and not plumped up with salt water, resulting in less shrinkage when cooking. But at Aldi, I found a 2.5 lb bag of thighs for $6.29, I believe it was, and a 5 lb bag of frozen chicken leg quarters for $4.29. Sold! And I brought them home for dinner.
First I pulled out a glass baking dish and sprayed it with nonstick cooking spray just in case things turned icky later. Only two leg quarters fit, so only enough meat for dinner and perhaps a lunch tomorrow or maybe Saturday, when I will have access to a microwave between jobs. 

For seasoning, I grated on some garlic salt from Trader Joe's that is actually comprised of salt, garlic, fried onion, and parsley, if memory serves right, then some garlic powder because it seemed to stick better than the salt and more parsley flakes. (Because om nom nom garlic, om nom nom nom parsley.)

I had to look up on the internet how long and at how high to cook the chicken as this is something that I am still learning. I came up with 45 minutes at 400F, which turned out to be a wee optimistic. After 45 minutes, the meat was still pink inside and the juice even looked a little bloody, so back in it went for another 25 minutes.
Which is when the smoke alarm started going. I don't know if the people who lived in our apartment before us were vegetarian or what, but every time I cook meat, be it chicken in the oven or bacon on the stove, the stupid alarm goes off. I know that our new upstairs neighbors have the same problem because I hear that go off all the time, too. (Or maybe they're just terrible cooks. I don't know.) 

The extra time did the trick, and when next I pulled the chicken from the oven, it was a nice golden brown and the skin was crispy and deliciously aromatic. Garlic and chicken are a wonderful combination! And the meat inside was super juicy. 

Since I had eaten carrots and hummus while waiting for the chicken to cook, I didn't bother with a vegetable side dish. The chicken was just fine on its own. 

And I look forward to cooking many more in the future.

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  1. Their chicken quarters are without equal. As good as or better that even "fresh" because these pieces are frozen within minutes of butchering. I just tried some fresh thighs since my store was out of the frozen. No comparison. Fresh skins were pale, rubbery and was making chicken noodle soup, the broth was like water, even after boiling the cleaned bones and skins like I usually do to get all of the flavor. Please Aldi, don't stop carrying these frozen delights just because of youngsters think "fresh" is always better.