Friday, February 15, 2013

Frozen Turkey Burger Patties

The trick to turkey burgers is in the seasoning. Ground turkey on its own is pretty bland. (I find turkey in general to be on the bland side, worse than chicken, which, incidentally, should never be ground up into a burger - yuck!) I know some people who make turkey patties from scratch add diced bell peppers, garlic, and/or bits of onion, dried or otherwise. All tasty additions, yes (minus the bell pepper in my case), but the seasoning is the absolute must.
On a trip to Trader Joe's a few weeks ago, I picked a package of four frozen turkey patties. I thought this would be a nice and easy, cheap way to get protein into my diet. Turns out I was right since I can only eat one burger at a time, and let me tell you, it's an amazingly positive change from cheap Meijer hot dogs. Since I've been very sick this past week, easy has been the key factor in all of my food preparation. For three days I was eating little more than microwaveable pizza rolls and ice cream.

Since I wasn't making these burger patties from scratch, and I didn't want to ruin their conveniently pre-made round shape, I relied on the spices to flavor up this bird. First, I ground on a light sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt, but not too much because, though I didn't check, I assume all frozen food from Trader Joe's has an already too high sodium content. (Seriously, look at their nutrition info. I think you'll be surprised.) Next came the garlic powder. Mm-mmm... Garlic... Then some dried and ground oregano leaves followed by my favorite, dried parsley flakes. The pan was sprayed with nonstick cooking oil, the burner was set to medium, and we were good to go.

While that was going, I also heated up some leftover potato and kale soup in the microwave. I added garlic salt and cheese curds because it's a particularly flavorless soup albeit on the healthy side. I am still pretty darn sick, and I need my vitamins and antioxidants, which is why this meal also included a glass of orange juice for its vitamin C.

As I have a preponderance of cheese in my fridge, I decided to make this turkey burger into a cheeseburger, laying slices of an autumn harvest cheddar over the top to melt as the meat finished cooking through. This was a delightfully juicy burger and took some time to peer through the juice leaking out to make sure it was no longer raw inside. Really, I was quite impressed for this being a frozen patty from a grocery store. I think it had more moisture than if I had bought the refrigerated kind one aisle over. 

There are still three patties left in my freezer. I will have to further experiment with spices and make a different burger next time. I did have my eye on the cumin and curry, but I figured that being sick was not the time to really experiment with new flavors. Maybe next week. If it turns out halfway decent, I'll report my findings here. Hope everyone else is doing better than I am! Toodles!

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