Thursday, February 21, 2013

Turkey Masala Burger

As I said I would last week in "Frozen Turkey Burger Patties," I have been experimenting with different spice combinations on the turkey patties that I bought from Trader Joe's. This week, I went with an Indian theme. I have a lot of the appropriate spices in my cupboard from when I devoted an entire month to learning to cook various Indian dishes. I'd already discovered that a great homemade masala mix on sauteed chicken is garlic powder (or salt), turmeric, curry powder, ground ginger, and cinnamon, so I thought I'd give it a go on these turkey burgers. 

So while the new patty was sizzling as it thawed in my small frying pan, I shook a generous helping of garlic powder over one side of the patty, then pinches of ground cumin, turmeric, and curry powder. I decided against the ginger and cinnamon this time, though in retrospect, they might have enhanced the flavor. When the burger was thoroughly unfrozen and the bottom side had begun to cook, I flipped it and did the same set of spices on the other side, then covered the pan and let it cook, flipping it every now and again to make sure it cooked properly and thoroughly.
As a condiment, I decided to spread on some dill pickle relish because the aroma sort of reminded me of chicken shawarma and one of my favorite ingredients in shawarma is pickle. The result, my turkey masala with dill relish burger, was surprisingly blander than I had thought it would be. Maybe three pinches of curry et al next time? It certainly wasn't bad, and I had fun experimenting with the spices, I just think that when I do it again, I need to be less cautious in using them. I've discovered many tasty dishes by throwing spices around in my kitchen, and not all of them turn out perfect the first time. 

Though that chicken was pretty great. I highly recommend that one.

**Wondering what that strange-looking comic is that my lunch is sitting next to? It's The Town of Tymes: Teddy Attack by this crazy guy I know named Erik Reichenbach. You might know him from Survivor, but I don't watch that show, so I had to meet him in person to find out who he was. Best of luck in California, Erik, and keep drawing! :D

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