Saturday, March 9, 2013

Microwaveable Bread Pudding

Yes, you read that correctly: I made bread pudding in the microwave. It was from a mix, though, so I sort of cheated. And it wasn't exactly like the bread pudding that I am used to, which is mushy and fairly well pudding-like. This was more like cubed French toast. But it was free, easy, tasty, and fun. I found the package on the freebie shelf at work, so I had to give it a try.

First off, here is the back of the package. As you can see, it is Marcy's Bread Pudding, which I had never heard of before. If you click the picture, it will enlarge so you may read it better.
I wasn't sure what an "8-inch microwaveable baking dish" was supposed to be, so I picked the flattest glass container that would be large enough for what the recipe wanted and also small enough to fit into my microwave. Then I found my small mixing bowl with which to soak the croutons (that's basically what was in the package - sugar-coated croutons) in the listed egg and milk mixture that reminded me so much of French toast.
I let it sit for more than the recipe said to, so maybe 5 or 8 minutes, stirring often to be sure all pieces had a chance to absorb the liquid. When they seemed saturated, but with still a bit of milk remaining at the bottom, I sprinkled some cubes of butter over the top, then poured the contents of the bowl into my baking dish and put it in the microwave on high for ten minutes. 

Ten minutes was definitely enough in the microwave. Nine might have even been better. The pieces of bread were mostly fluffy with just a few chewy bits. The leftover milk and egg blend hardened on the bottom, which is why French toast was again brought to mind. It was like a piece of bread that had been over-saturated with egg and milk, then put on the griddle anyway with bits of egg hanging off. Also there were raisins. Raisin French toast is the bomb, just for the record.

Still, it was pretty tasty, if not exactly what I was hoping for, and I enjoyed it anyhow. I had some leftovers the next day and just added more milk to it to fluff it up and make it more pudding-like (though it really had the consistency of Thanksgiving stuffing, which was also good). 

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