Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Duck Bacon

As I mentioned in my Bacon Street Fair and Taste of Ann Arbor 2013 entry, my boyfriend Greg and I discovered duck bacon at Sparrow Meat Market in Kerrytown. Later, Greg went back and picked up a pound so we could try it out. 

Greg did the cooking, making us a breakfast of pancakes and duck bacon. The first thing I noticed was the smell. Duck bacon does not smell good. I've never cooked duck before, only had it at restaurants and sandwich counters, so maybe if you are used to cooking duck, you won't notice this part. 

We didn't know how long to cook it for, so I feel it was a little overdone, but Greg likes really crispy bacon, a state you can't quite achieve with turkey bacon in the same way you can with pig bacon. So if you really like crispy bacon and for some reason can't, or won't, eat pig bacon, this is a very close alternative. 

Turkey meat in general is known for being dry, and in bacon form, it does not produce a lot of juice. Not so with duck bacon! Duck is a notoriously greasy meat, which lends itself well to baconation. In fact, there was so much grease that for dinner, I used the grease to cook up some ground turkey, spinach (from our garden), and gravy that I served over noodles, rather like a quick and easy turkey and duck stroganoff. Granted, I knew it was there, but I do believe the flavor of the duck shown through in the dish. 

Duck is not like chicken, and even less like turkey in terms of flavor. I can understand why a lot of people may not like it. However, I have now eaten bacon from four animals - pig, turkey, cow, and now duck - and this makes me extremely happy. And really, I thought the duck bacon was quite good! It's just the smell that was unfortunate. If you should come across it, give it a try! If nothing else, you get bragging rights out of the deal. And if you like duck already, you'll probably love it as bacon.

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