Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spinach and Arugula Salad with Gorgonzola

**The update of this blog has been delayed a week due to technical errors and entire posts being deleted.**

Of all the things lying around in my fridge, I didn't think the ingredients for a spinach and arugula salad with crumbled Gorgonzola and dried pomegranates on top were hiding in there. Lo! It was so.

Greg had leftover fresh spinach and arugula from when we did grilled cheese sandwiches at Game Night a couple weeks ago. The Gorgonzola and dried pomegranates were from before we moved in together, making them, in my mind, a priority to use in something, anything. I also chopped up some carrots which were left from a crockpot recipe of I don't remember when (carrots stay for a very long time in the fridge, as it turns out), and clipped some fresh basil leaves and parsley from out garden. Voila! Salad.

As for dressing, I wasn't sure what to go with. I am not big on dressing that isn't ranch, but I have learned that balsamic vinegar and olive oil are pretty tasty together, so I went with that. I kept running across a red wine vinegar, olive oil, and honey concoction as I was looking up spinach salad recipes on Pinterest. I didn't have red wine vinegar, so I decided against that pretty quickly, though I may have to give it a try in the future. I'm just not sure about the addition of honey.

At first, I had everything in my largest mixing bowl. Even hand-tossing it ended up with the heavier things on the bottom, though, so I took out a large plastic Tupperware container, dumped everything into that, secured the lid, and shook. It worked out very nicely!

I left the salad in the Tupperware and took it with me to a Labor Day pool party where it was enjoyed by many. If I had bought the ingredients, I would have chosen feta over Gorgonzola, but it turns out it was good that I didn't because someone at the party was avoiding feta. I still have some crumbled Gorgonzola leftover, but I used up all of the spinach. There is also half a tub of arugula I need to find something to do with, as well. Homemade pizza?

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