Friday, September 13, 2013

Vinsetta Garage: Custom Detroit Eats

Recently, my boyfriend Greg and I had visitors from out of town, so Greg decided it would be a great time to introduce people to Vinsetta Garage in Berkley, MI. He had been once before (after the remodel), but this was my first trip. Greg calls it the kind of place he'd bring guests to give them a good taste of Detroit (Metro Detroit), though not a place he would eat at all the time (the seating wait is kind of ridiculous). So we did!

Seriously, the wait time is a little bit nuts. When we arrived late because the traffic was absurd, the joint (it calls itself a joint on the website) was still packed. We were told it would be an hour before we were seated. Since it had been such an ordeal getting there, and we had nowhere else in mind, we decided to stay. Also, the plentiful seating out front is not for dining, so we got drinks at the bar, then commandeered a table outside and looked through a menu so we'd be ready when we got a table.

The decor is absolutely fabulous. Lots of metal, lots of interesting lighting that I would love in my own home, and the restroom floors are tiled with pennies. It's a very cool affect that must be seen if you ever go there for a meal. There must be some kind of restroom competition in the restaurant industry because I seem to always be including something about weird bathrooms in my restaurant reviews, like the "welcome" sign inside the stall at Bone Head's BBQ in Willis

Onto the food. Once we were seated, we ordered some Disco Fries, one of their signature appetizers comprised of house-cut fries, cheese curds, mustard gravy, chili flakes, and scallions. It reminded Greg and me of poutine, and I think the whole table enjoyed it. 

In keeping with the Detroit theme, I got two coneys with mac and cheese as my side. The waitress actually suggested the mac and cheese as my side rather than, say, fries, so they must be known for the mac and cheese or something. It was pretty tasty, I'll admit. Very rich and creamy. One of our guests ordered the tuna casserole, which had tempted me, and reported it was similar to the mac and cheese in nature. I didn't try any, but that also looked good.  

Other specialties on the menu include pizza and various noodle dishes, both of which can be built-to-suit, and, of course, burgers. There is even a duck burger! Is duck the new meat of choice? Because I also recently had duck sliders at Ann Arbor's HomeGrown Festival, and there was that duck bacon Greg and I bought a couple months ago.

For dessert, Greg and I had to order the Faygo Rock & Rye ice cream with pop rocks topping. It was amazing. It tasted like Rock & Rye! The texture was different than I am used to, but not bad. I had never had liquid nitrogen churned ice cream before, so maybe that accounts for it. Also, the pop rocks were a little flat, probably because they were drowning in frozen Faygo. (Mmm...) The banoffee (banana + toffee) pudding also looked tasty to me. 

All in all, I think liked Vinsetta Garage. Depending on what you got, the prices weren't too bad, and I seem to recall the beers being all or mostly from Michigan. I think they change them up, too. The dessert offerings were unique and fun. It's quite the drive for me for dinner, but if we have more out of town guests, maybe I'll back.

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