Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple Nachos (Kind Of)

After Greg and I went apple picking a few weeks ago, we had a lot of apples to make stuff with! So I immediately set about trying to find things to use the apples for besides the obvious homemade applesauce. One of the things I came across sounded easy and really tasty: apple nachos. Just slice up the apples, spread them on a plate and throw stuff on top! What could be easier? Well, turns out I did run into some complications.
First, while Greg sliced up the apples, I set about melting marshmallows. It seemed like such an easy thing, throw marshmallows into an appropriate container and apply heat, if only I had better investigated it. The recipe I followed said to melt 1/4 cup of butter in a pan on the stove with a bunch of marshmallows until they turned to cream. They did not turn to cream. The butter never melted together with the marshmallows. 
What happened instead was the marshmallows absorbed some of the butter while the oily part separated out and pooled at the bottom of the pan. Rather than turning into marshmallow cream, the sticky mess turned into caramel, and not caramel sauce. I basically had a pot full of toffee in its early stages. Delicious, but not at all what I was going for. 
I was supposed to arrange the apple slices on a platter (I chose a glass pie pan), then drizzle melted marshmallow cream, melted caramel cream (we picked up caramel sauce from the store instead, thank goodness), and chocolate sauce over-top the apples, sprinkling mini chocolate chips as a finishing touch. Rather than buy mini chocolate chips, I chose crumbled Heath bar, which I think was a pretty great substitution myself. (I used the leftover candy pieces in brownies later, which was also fabulous). 

The caramel sauce and chocolate syrup gave us no trouble, nor did the Heath bar, but the marshmallow/toffee mass was quickly solidifying and refused to pour, so I just dumped it on and tried to spread it with a spoon. This resulted in an absolute mess. The taste was fine, and if the marshmallow cream had worked out, I am sure it would have been super great, but I am never melting marshmallows in a pan ever again. I'll use marshmallow fluff or some other pre-made marshmallow cream instead. 
I think this would still be a tasty snack with just caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled over the top and crumbled Heath bar, or chocolate chips, and maybe some mini marshmallows unmelted.

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