Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frita Batidos in Downtown Ann Arbor

Although I still have plenty of recipes to post, I wanted to share with you a terrific restaurant Greg and I tried out, Frita Batidos, serving "Cuban inspired street food." It's located right around the corner from Crazy Wisdom at 117 W. Washington, so I have been by there many times before actually stopping in. Am I ever glad we finally gave this place a try!

Ordering is simple. It's kind of like fast food. You walk up to the counter just inside the door and choose which kind of frita you would like: chorizo, black bean, chicken, fish, or beef. Fritas are traditional Cuban burgers made from chorizo, a kind of pork sausage. According to the menu, they also have "shoestring fries on top on a soft egg bun." Since I can't eat most pork, I am very glad for the expanded meat options. I believe I ordered chicken.
Toppings you may choose for an additional fee to make your frita even more spectacular include Muenster, a sunny side up egg, cilantro-lime salsa, tropical slaw, avocado spread, bacon. I highly recommend getting the egg on the frita of your choice. You may also choose to do away with the bun and have it served on romaine lettuce instead. There are a number of sides to choose from, as well, from different seasoned fries and plantain chips to rice or beans. You may also order soup, salad, delicious-sounding desserts (including churros - YUM!), or a pulled pork sandwich rather than a frita if you decide that's not your thing. There is also a kids menu. 

As for drinks, there various fancy coffees available for you to try, beer, tropical sodas, cocktails, and, of course, batidos! Batidos have been described to me as Cuban milkshakes. Greg ordered some kind of coffee one. I thought it was pretty tasty! I was happy with water since we had just come from Bill's Beer Garden. Which brings me to this conclusion: 

Fritas are the best damn after-bar food ever!  

They're greasy. They're juicy. They're full of flavor. OM NOM NOM NOM. Obviously, you don't need to be drinking to enjoy Frita Batidos, but if you are or have been recently, eat at this restaurant. It's awesome. There are no tables, instead a bunch of long picnic tables and a counter with stools, making this a terrific spot to eat, drink, and be social. Each table also includes a set of dominoes, and while waiting for our food to arrive, Greg and I played the first game of dominoes I have ever played. It was fun! And lovely by candlelight. 
Frita Batidos does all it can to source its food locally, which I love. And all the food is wonderful. The idea of "Cuban street food" may be a turn-off, but when you realize the the name Frita Batidos basically translates to "burger and shakes," you'll find this foreign-sounding fare is a lot more familiar than it at first seemed. 

Since it is located right by one of my jobs, I am already making plans to return for lunch.

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