Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Thanksgiving Poem

Last year, I wrote a poem for Thanksgiving. With all the flurry of activity this week, I have decided to make this a tradition and write another one! The style I chose is "recipe poem" for, I think, obvious reasons. I studied this form in school. A recipe poem can be either an actual recipe made poetic (with or without rhyming, though rhymes help to distinguish it from a regular old recipe), or, more often, a recipe for something that isn't concrete, like a good relationship, following one's dreams, or a...

Recipe For A West Michigan Thanksgiving

    1 chill wind coming off the Lake
    A handful of bright, puffy clouds
    Flurries of snow

    1 long, cold trek down the highway
    (Feel free to add more if needed)
    1 warm hearth's glow

    Don't forget to preheat the home
    With laughter, love, and old stories
    To help it shine

    Then, blending the ingredients
    Around the table we gather
    At last we dine

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