Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chicken and Mushrooms with Rice

Ever since buying this banana leaf silicone lid from Catching Fireflies, I've been wanting to make a casserole. I thought I had the ingredients on hand to make an almond chicken and rice casserole, one of my favorite casserole recipes from my personal recipe notebook, but I lacked one key ingredient, cream of chicken soup. I don't use cream of chicken soup anymore due to Greg's allergy to chicken broth, but it does seem very unlike me not to keep some kind of canned cream soup around. I tried to come up with a substitute, but nothing presented itself, so I gave up on make a casserole - this time. 

Instead, I made a simple stir fry, of sorts, with the two thawing chicken breasts and half a box of wilting mushrooms in my fridge. I cubed both the chicken and the mushrooms and cooked them covered over medium heat on the stove in my largest frying pan with a couple splashes of soy sauce.

To thicken the resulting juices, I scooped a tablespoon or so of flour into a small dish and slowly added water to create a thin paste. I slowly poured this into my pan of chicken and mushrooms just as they were finishing cooking. This created a thicker broth, almost like a sauce, that coated the meat and fungi pieces. 

This was all served alongside steamed white rice fresh from the rice cooker. I like short grain best because it clumps together, making it easy to scoop up with a fork. I also microwaved some frozen veggies with butter, making a pretty well balanced meal, simple and tasty, or so I thought. I don't know how Greg felt about it. Our cooking styles are quite different. At least it was a meal ready to go that he didn't have to cook after working all day. 

As for me, it was nice to spend time in the kitchen again. Maybe next time I'll get to that casserole!

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