Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Finally Went to a Five Guys

Five Guys is one of those places people at my old job would make runs to. You know, when someone goes around the store or office just before lunch time and says to everyone, "Hey, I'm going to X. Want anything?" And then people write down their orders and give hand over some money, then, because he or she is getting lunch for multiple people, he or she doesn't have to clock out until after returning with the food? I'm poor for one, and the person usually rounding up those orders was not one I liked so much, so I never partook of the Five Guys run.

After much time passed and I left that job, I still hadn't been to a Five Guys until one day when Greg and I were out running errands on Ford Road, we decided to stop there for lunch because Greg had never been to one either. We agreed that it was a good choice.

I like restaurants with simple menus that are easy to glance through and allow me to decide quickly what I want to eat while people are yelling at each other behind the counter. Five Guys reminded me of In 'N Out in that regard; Greg said Johnny Rockets. I was surprised to discover that a burger with everything on it was actually edible to me. Usually I have to order "everything but olives" or "everything but peppers," which somehow seems to trip up the person behind the register. This time the word "everything" confused her. Apparently I was supposed to say the word that comes after "everything" on the menu which I can't even remember.

Anyway, while we were waiting for our food, we got to play with the crazy Coca-Cola drink station thing where I was OVERJOYED to find PEACH FANTA. I HAVE NOT SEEN PEACH FANTA SINCE I WAS IN JAPAN IN 2003. OMFG. Seriously, words do not exist in the English language to express my feelings when I found Peach Fanta on the screen. 

I settled at a table while Greg went to get our order. He came back with a small paper grocery bag of fries. Bwah? I knew Five Guys had a reputation for giving you a bunch of fries, which is why ordered one instead of two, but that many?? Of course, our burgers were under all of the fries, which we discovered by rooting around in the bag.

Turned out the burger I ordered was so big that I couldn't squish it flat enough to fit in my mouth. But it was damn tasty. So were the fries. The burger was so big, though, that I was only able to eat a few of them because my stomach protested too much. And I drank a lot of Peach Fanta. Followed by Cherry Fanta because, what? Cherry Fanta? It was also delicious. I'm not a big pop drinker, but I would absolutely love one of those drink machines in my kitchen. I would even go to Five Guys just for the 100+ drink choices. 

Oh, man. I'm totally jonesing that Fanta now. The next time we're over that way and want to stop for lunch, though, I think we need to head to the new branch of Moo Cluck Moo that recently opened. They also have good burgers and fries, and really terrific shakes! Their pop options are unconventional, so I enjoy them, too.

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