Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ode to a Matcha Latte

I was so busy working on researching and writing a column for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal that updating my blog didn't even enter my head on Saturday. *facepalm* Since Greg was gaming at a friend's place, I stopped by the Songbird Cafe on Ann Arbor's north side for dinner on my way home from work. I cannot describe how excited I was to see "matcha latte" on their menu, but that I was moved to write this poem is probably an indication. I think since I was eating in-house rather than getting it to-go, I had to wait quite a bit longer than I had anticipated I would (I was seated by the counter, so I witnessed all the people who piled in after me and ordered lattes to-go). It was so worth it. That was seriously the best matcha latte I have ever had. (Though they are hard to find, so I really haven't had too many.) They even did a simple little latte art for me. Without further ado...

Ode to a Matcha Latte

Two chalk words on a black board
Bring to mind former days.
A string is pulled from my memory hoard
And round about my tongue plays.
Five dollars is a pittance
For a rich, creamy green brew
That brings delight to each sense.
I sit and wait with impatience,
Unaware there was such a queue.
The reward - so sweet! - is worth all expense.

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