Saturday, March 8, 2014

Garlic Green Beans

In my continuing quest to eat more vegetables, I looked up green bean recipes to spice up the can of green beans we had n the cupboard to go with one of the casseroles I made last week. This one turned out to be the easiest, and was really quite delicious: Garlic Green Beans at AllRecipes

All you do is saute some fresh garlic (I had Greg do that for me since I never work with fresh garlic, and most of his recipes start with it), then add a can of green beans (the recipe calls for two, but I only had one), salt and pepper to taste, and when the beans are all warmed up, sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese over the top. Voila! Tastiness. 

I do think that fresh or frozen green beans would work better than canned. The canned beans were just... sort of... soggy. If the beans had been crisper, I think it would have worked better. Still, it was pretty tasty and went well with my casserole. And really, it's so easy! If you don't feel like sauteing garlic, you could use garlic powder or salt, but I make no guarantees. Of course, if you leave out the cheese, and saute using only olive oil and not butter, this dish would be vegan, too.

I never would have thought to put grated Parmesan cheese over vegetables, but I like it. I bet it would work with just about any vegetable. I am always on the look-out for ways to improve plain vegetables, and judging by how many hits this blog gets from that very Google search, so are a lot of other people. 

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