Sunday, March 23, 2014

Good Morning From Virginia

Since I am away from home at the moment and my computer won't hook up to the wifi here at the hotel, this will be a brief and not very interesting image-wise. (Plenty of photos when I return home.) 

With our room, we got a continental breakfast package. It's a decent spread, and I have been trying to eat something different every day. First, it was fried potatoes with onion and peppers, a croissant, two pork sausage (for much-needed protein; I don't ordinarily eat pork because it too often makes me ill), and some cubes of melon with coffee to drink. 

The next day, I decided to change it up by trying out the oatmeal bar. To the oatmeal I added brown sugar, raisins, and cinnamon. It was not enough to make this oatmeal palatable. It was just too runny! And watery. Blech! However, there was also a new chef's special. The chef's specials aren't labeled, which I find a bit strange since I am pretty sure this one should have come with an allergy warning: biscuits and crab gravy. OMG IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I went back for a second helping after the oatmeal didn't pan out.

Today, I gave the yogurt bar a whirl. That went over far better than the oatmeal had. In fact, I think I could start every morning with this! The yogurt was labeled "Plain Greek", but it was also pink in color, so I doubt the sign was accurate. It tasted like strawberry to me. I loaded it up with fresh blueberries, sliced almonds, homemade granola, dried cranberries, and a few bits of dried banana. Wonderful! Together with my glass of apple juice, I think I surpassed my daily fruit recommendation. And happily so.

Now we are packing up for Boston. There we are staying with friends, so no hotel breakfast buffet. I am a little sorry to leave the yogurt behind. I think when I get home, I need to run to Meijer and get me some yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit. Mmm...

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