Sunday, April 13, 2014

Salem's Gula-Gula Cafe

This is going to be another blog post about a restaurant nowhere near Ann Arbor. But I know I have readers from all over, and I really want to highlight this place, so here it is!

Should you ever find yourself in Salem, Massachusetts as my boyfriend Greg and I did a few weeks ago, stop by Gulu-Gulu Cafe. It's the kind of place where I would hang out regularly with friends if I lived in the area. Open every day from 8am to 1am, Gulu-Gulu isn't just about the crepes and beer. (Yes, you read that right - crepes and beer.) Every month they feature the work of a different local artist, and regularly host live music. 

The menu combines draft beer, bottled and canned beer from all over the world, international wine, cocktails, coffees, and fantastic sweet and savory crepes, as well as other noshables such as breakfast sandwiches, gluten-free pies, salads, panini, and so much more! I ordered a crepe with portobello mushrooms, spinach, and basil. It was one of the best savory crepes I have ever eaten. For dessert, Greg and I shared a sweet crepe with blueberries and strawberries drizzled with yogurt and honey called the Berry Nice. 

This may sound like weird advice, but be sure to go to the rest rooms while you're there and check out the cool robot artwork on the walls of that hallway. Greg and I were also delighted by the pictures next to the rest rooms denoting for men and women. (There are two each, which I thought was kind of funny, but convenient.)

You may have gathered from reading my blogs that food is a significant feature of my travels, and that is absolutely true! If I didn't have a special affinity for edibles, I wouldn't write a food blog. Greg shares my joy of eating tasty delights, so he makes for a wonderful traveling companion. Next week, I hope to update with a new recipe that I tried before our vacation.

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