Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cooked Carrots With A Twist

In my ongoing quest to find interesting things to do to plain vegetables to make them more appetizing, I came across a few recipes online for cooked carrots. (Mine happened to be canned carrots, as well.) Since I didn't have all of the ingredients to follow any one recipe, I sort of did my own thing using my findings as inspiration. This is a very quick and easy dressing up of carrots!

First, get some carrots. As I said above, I used a can of sliced carrots. Fresh carrots would probably also do, you would just have to cook them longer. I dumped my can of carrots in a microwave safe glass dish and heated them on high for a minute before proceeding.
Next, I sprinkled on some ground cumin, dried flakes of parsley (my favorite herb in the world), and drizzled on some honey. The honey was actually pretty solid, so I nuked the carrots with the herbs and honey in the microwave again to melt the honey to a consistency that I could use to coat the carrots. 

That is basically it. Cumin, parsley, and honey over cooked carrots. C'est magnifique. 

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