Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello! Ice Cream

Hello! Ice Cream is a loal company that shows up in the form of an adorable old style ice cream truck named Ingrid, or sometimes a nifty cart that doesn't appear to have a name, that likes to park at various events in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area and sell delightful "Italian style ice cream and frozen treats made fresh." I have kind of been stalking them online for months, but I was just never able to make it to an event they were working. Then I learned that Hello! Ice Cream was going to be at the Ann Arbor Book Festival where I was going to be womanning the booth for Crazy Wisdom, the bookstore where I work. I agreed to work the even provided we could have our table by the ice cream truck. And I got my wish! 

I actually saw Ingrid for the first time the week prior at the Kerrytown Farmers Market where I was passing out coupons for my other job, Catching Fireflies. Much to my great despair, I did not have the right amount of cash on me, so I could not get gelato. HUGE SIGH.

But then at the Ann Arbor Book Festival, my table was kitty-corner from Ingrid, and I was very excited. My three options were chocolate-raspberry, chocolate stout (which I know my boyfriend Greg would have jumped on), and gianduia. First, I asked how to pronounce gianduia because that's the kind of word-loving person I am. It's said like "John-Do-Ya," as in "John, do ya like chocolate hazelnut ice cream?" because it turns out that is what flavor gianduia is. Wikipedia tells me that Nutella was originally called Pasta Gianduja. 

The gelato vendor went on to tell me that a previous customer had told her that "gianduia" is the name of a clown character from a particular region in Italy known for its hazelnuts, rather than a translation of "chocolate-hazelnut" as she had originally assumed. (Read Wikipedia for a fuller explanation.) So not only does this gelato flavor have an interesting name, it has an interesting backstory. I had to get it. Sorry, chocolate stout! I'm not a fan of stout anyway. 

It was creamy, delicious, and oh-so satisfying after I had spent two hours in the sun. I would love to hunt them down again (or have them come to me; that was pretty great, too) and try more flavors. Maybe I will give the chocolate stout a try, though I still think I will leave that to Greg. 

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