Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti

About a month ago, my boyfriend Greg and I went to the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, MI for the first time where they were hosting what turned out to be a very cool and entertaining burlesque show. I've had many invitations to go to the Corner Brewery - there was even a work event held there once - but it just never ended up working out for me. I liked it a lot better than the original location, the Ann Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) Pub in downtown Ann Arbor. The atmosphere is more inviting, and I enjoyed my food considerably more. 

I honestly don't remember what food Greg ordered, but I got a fantastic quesadilla that was packed with flavor and quite filling. I highly recommend it. Greg also ordered two different beers over the course of the evening that he enjoyed. I am not a fan of beer, and only enjoy certain wines. (I don't generally like California wines, for example, or French. Too dry. Italian, Great Lakes, or Pacific Northwestern wines can be downright delightful!) I do like mead and hard ciders, so when Greg ordered his first beer, I requested a cider. 

"Which one?" the tapster asked. "Apple or blueberry?"

BWUH? I had never heard of blueberry hard cider and got very excited. Blueberries are far and above my favorite berry. I was definitely not disappointed with my choice. I could have drunk a barrel full and still have been thirsty for more. It went surprisingly well with the quesadilla, as well. 

I really want to return and try more food! We ate outside at one of the many beer garden-style tables because the weather was fine, but the inside is cozy, too. There are games you can play inside and out, giving the place a relaxed, festive air. I really liked it! So did Greg, and there are an awful lot of beers that he did not try. Maybe next time we can meet up with friends and play a game or two. 

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