Saturday, September 13, 2014

Good Morning Egg Scrambles and Herbs

I was inspired by my breakfast egg scrambles comprised of leftovers to make an egg scramble that involved fresh ingredients: quartered fresh mushrooms, grape tomatoes cut in half, and hand-torn spinach leaves. It was fantastic! But I didn't stop at just these three items. I also added dried parsley, dried chives (which I think I will always need in my kitchen from now on), and the totally awesome garlic salt grinder from Trader Joe's that includes not only roasted garlic and sea salt inside, but dried onion and parsley, as well. 

Aside: I love that grinder, and I use it on almost everything. The only problem I have had with it is that the innards sometimes get moist and stick together, refusing to fall down to the grinder part without a lot of banging on it. This happens often in the warm and humid months because Michigan is terribly humid under normal summer circumstances and we don't use much AC. 

I was talking to an herbalist recently, and he said that humans have been eating herbs for millenia - they've always been a part of our diets - but nowadays it seems that herbs aren't really a part of our diets. I agree! I love herbs. My family grew some herbs and mints in our garden while I was growing up, but I don't recall us using many in cooking (mostly basil and parsley because my mother, being half Sicilian, cooked a lot of Italian food - and it was delicious).

But herbs are fantastic little punches of flavor! They need to be incorporated into more everyday dishes, like egg scrambles. To make a delicious plate of scrambled eggs, one does not need a bunch of vegetables or fungi, though these are very tasty additions. Just adding some parsley, thyme, oregano, rosemary, or dill adds a new and tasty element that makes the mostly bland flavor of plain eggs more interesting. Consider it a culinary adventure. I also highly suggest adding garlic. Garlic is awesome.

There are medicinal benefits to herbs, just ask an herbalist. Different herbs can be used as antioxidants, antibacterials, and more. A quick internet search turned up this article, Everyday Medicinal Purposes of Herbs, which just touches the surface. Click here for the health benefits of my favorite herb parsley.

Anyway. My breakfasts have gotten a bit healthier, more colorful, and more satisfying lately as a result of these experiments. If you are tired of the same old breakfasts, maybe some herby and veggie egg scrambles will help to perk up your mornings. 

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