Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Mustang Lounge on Mackinac Island

As I mentioned on my Life From Ann Arbor blog, my boyfriend Greg and I took a vacation up north earlier this month. We spent our first night in St. Ignace in the U.P., then took a ferry over to Mackinac (pronounced mack-ih-naw - ignore the "c" or suffer withering glares) Island first thing in the morning where we spent the next night. 

We had dinner on the Island at a place called the Mustang Lounge. I ate here a few years back when I was visiting from California and craving Coney Island hot dogs. I remembered the food being pretty good and the prices were reasonable. This time, we had somewhat more interesting fare than coneys (which I can now eat whenever I feel like it). 

For an appetizer, we ordered the Beer and Pretzel Bites, which were, as far as I could tell, mozzarella nuggets beer-battered in pretzel coating with a cheese dipping sauce. They were tasty! The right amount of salt and a lot of cheese. Great for munching. 

Greg chose the Grilled Bacon Mac 'N Cheese sandwich and a Lighthouse Amber that we think was brewed in Cheboygan. When he saw the picture of the sandwich on the camera once we returned home, his comment was "Dear God, that does not look good for me." He said it tasted good at the time, though it was a bit greasy. 

I opted for fish and chips, which were wonderful, though also greasy, and I ended up peeling a lot of the batter off the fish at the end of the meal when it started to bother my stomach. It came with an order of coleslaw that was not so doused in sauce as to hide the flavors of the vegetables, so I liked it, and the tartar sauce had just the right amount of tang. To drink, I had an iced tea, which was lovely, but nothing special. 

The Mustang Lounge is a good hangout place with good food and beers and sports on the TV. It claims to be often patroned by the locals, and I am inclined to believe it because the 'Stang has a very neighborhood bar kind of feel. There is also enough variety in the menu to please just about anybody. 

So if you are on the Island and in the mood for some basic, down-home dude food, or a spot to catch the game with a good beer, this is a great place. 

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