Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hot Nutella

The weather report calls for temperatures in the 50Fs tomorrow. but for tonight, the air remains chilly. So when I got home from work tonight, I decided to mix up a treat: hot Nutella. This is a lot easier than it may sound.

First, I got out the mug I wished to use and filled it with milk. I then poured the milk from the mug into my littlest saucepan. I heated the milk up slowly, starting at low and gradually moving up to medium. I didn't precisely measure it, but I think I stirred in about two tablespoons of Nutella, one at a time, adding the second only after the first had melted.

Since I could still see little dots of Nutella floating around in the milk, I fished out a whisk from our Drawer of Many Things and whisked the milk and Nutella, which did a far finer job of blending the two than a spoon or rubber scraper had done.
When I was satisfied that the Nutella was blended well enough with the milk and that it wouldn't separate itself out, I turned off the heat on the stove and carefully poured my lovely concoction back into my mug. It was very hot, so I allowed it to cool a little before taking my first sip. Delightful! So easy, and it only took a few minutes.

My only regret is that we are now nearly out of Nutella. Bother.

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