Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

I often have trouble sleeping, something that runs in my family. Every once in a while, I decide to just get up and be productive rather than continue to toss and turn in bed. One such morning, I got up, attended to work matters (working from home is awesome and I wish that I could do it more), and decided to make a fancy breakfast. There wasn't a lot of fancy items on hand, though, so I ended up making turkey bacon and eggs. But we've been eating that a lot lately for breakfast (huzzah protein!) so I wanted to make fancier eggs than usual, so I turned to the internet.
I settled on Alton Brown's Perfect Scrambled Eggs. I don't usually make scrambled eggs because I don't actually like them very much. Our egg poacher recently melted, taking poached eggs off the board. (Sad times.) Greg had never heard of adding milk to scrambled eggs while I had learned this as a child from my grandfather. About 1 tablespoon per egg is good. I've never used melted butter in the pan with eggs, though. Butter is delicious, so I was game.
Before whisking these eggs, I added dill! Which is delicious. I also grated in some garlic sea salt rather than salt and pepper. I was surprised how delicious these were! And the pan wasn't a horrible mess as it usually is. Whether the milk or the butter is to thank I do not know. The milk is absolutely what makes the eggs fluffy. It really added substance, too, and I found the eggs more filling. (This may have been psychological.)
Anyway, that is my fluffy scrambled egg adventure. If you, like Greg, had never heard of adding milk to eggs and you can consumer dairy, give it a try. I much prefer the texture! You might, as well. Happy breakfasting.

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