Sunday, February 1, 2015

Frankenmuth Brewery

After a day spent perusing the Zehnder's Snowfest in Frankenmuth, MI, my boyfriend Greg and I headed to the Frankenmuth Brewery for dinner. We had been there once before on our (well, my) first trip to Frankenmuth, but since we'd already had dinner elsewhere, we only stopped in for drinks and dessert. The desserts are phenomenal. I am told the beer is also good.

Ok, ok, this time around I did try some of their beer. I saw they had a Hefeweizen, a beer that I actually enjoyed and often ordered in bars while living in California (beer is in the realm of affordable; cocktails not so much). I have had difficulty finding Hefeweizen here in Michigan (though a friend tells me you can get some good ones in Grand Rapids, I have not investigated this claim), so I was excited when I saw it. And then I was disappointed on drinking it. I realize that Hefeweizen is a lighter, less bitter beer. I enjoyed Weissbier when I was in Germany. But this tasted a little like someone had filled half the glass with beer and the rest with water. My quest for good Hefeweizen in Michigan continues.

Anyway. They had a new item on the menu that Greg and I both had to try: beer cheese soup. This did not disappoint. It was thick and creamy and not too bitter as some I have had before can be. I really liked this soup! I hope they keep it on the menu.

Greg got his usual BBQ pulled pork sandwich (if I ever see one on the menu of a new restaurant, it's a sure bet that he'll order it). I went for crab cakes. I had a hard time choosing with this menu. Not a lot stuck out to me, but nothing really looked bad either. There's a great variety! Sandwiches, burgers, pizza (I saw a lot of people walking around town with their pizza boxes), Italian, German, British, American - take your pick. And it all pairs well with beer. (My Hefeweizen improved with the arrival of my meal.)

The side dishes served with the crab cakes were a little questionable to me. Not in the choice - I love squash and zucchini! - in the preparation. The potatoes lacked flavor until I dipped them in the butter and herb sauce that had been liberally ladled over the vegetables. This same sauce overpowered a lot of the flavor of the vegetables. The crab cakes were quite delicious! (And made nice leftovers.)

The best part of the meal, in my opinion, was dessert. We decided to split a slice of the pistachio mascarpone cake. I still dream of this cake. It was so moist and just the right amount of sweet... Sigh. Can I have this as my wedding cake? I believe last time we all split an order of the sweet dough Oreos, which was very tasty, but also rich, so it was a good one to share. The pistachio mascarpone cake? I could probably eat it by myself next time. 

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