Sunday, March 22, 2015

Two Geeky Places to Visit in the LA Area: Steampunk Coffee Bar & Kitchen and Game Haus

While my fiance Greg and I were vacationing in California earlier this month, we hung out at two really cool, kinda nerdy places outside Los Angeles: the SteamPunk CoffeeBar & Kitchen and Game Haus Board Game Cafe. We were told about the coffee bar while shopping at Clockwork Couture in Burbank. Located only a short drive away, the SteamPunk Coffeebar was more than worth it. I had the chicken strips and they were the best damn chicken strips ever! Ok, maybe the second best. My friend Sherelle makes some pretty spectacular chicken strips. But the SteamPunk strips were wonderful. Not greasy and not overwhelmed by batter. Loved them.

The nifty thing about the fries (the best fries ever from a restaurant - like my mother's homemade) was the choice of three dipping sauces. Garlic aioli was my favorite, but the curry ketchup was also pretty tasty. Our third sauce was recommended by the cashier, a habanero something. That last one was all right. I liked it - it wasn't too spicy. But not my favorite. I don't think Greg liked it at all.

What made this steampunk? The art on the walls mostly. What really marked this place for me was the food. I want more chicken strips!

The other place we visited that I wish we had here was Game Haus located just outside LA in Glendale. You pay a $5 cover to get in and have access to their envious number of board games. Play all day or just a few hours, the choice is yours. There is a lovely selection of sandwiches named after popular games, like the Turkey to Ride, which was delicious. Also available are pastries, munchies, coffee and ten drinks... Just about anything you could want while hanging out with your friends playing board games.

As for games? Too many to name. We enjoyed a new game (for us) called Dixit. I liked it! And not just because I won. It's sort of a word game, sort of a picture game. It involves being clever. I like clever. We tried to play Takenoko, what we nicknamed "the panda-feeding game," because it looked cute. It was also a little too complicated for a group of new players with limited time. So instead we played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. (Classic.)

So that was the beginning of our food adventures in California. If you live in the LA area, check these places out! (Yes, I know that's a lot of ground to cover.) If you visit LA and you like these kinds of nerdy things you should definitely check them out! If nothing else, do it for the chicken strips. Mmm... Chicken strips.

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