Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ann Arbor's New Grillcheezerie Sandwich Shoppe

Fancy Grilled Cheese Night is a theme we often have at our weekly game night gatherings. I also bought Greg the book Grilled Cheese, Please! as a gift, and it has informed a number of our meals outside of game night. 

So it was with great excitement that I saw a sign go up many moons ago on a building on Packard near downtown Ann Arbor that said "Grillcheezerie." Whaaat? An entire sandwich shop built around the glorious grilled cheese? I could not wait for this place to open. I checked for them on GrubHub every time I ordered delivery at work, which, sadly for my savings account, was an awful lot this past winter. (I find GrubHub to be a convenient way of finding new places to order food, though a lot of times it is cheaper to order directly from the source rather than through them.) 

One night at the bookstore, when I was short on time and resources, I decided I would order dinner and gleefully went through the Grillcheezerie's online menu. I didn't go with one of their house-designed options, wonderful and enticing as they were, and instead made my own sandwich: Meunster cheese, chicken (free range), caramelized onion, and wild mushrooms. Mmm.... I am drooling at the memory of that sandwich. I made it a combo and got some roasted garlic tomato soup that turned out to be some of the best tomato soup I have ever had! And, of course, since they offered it, I had to go with a bottle of Faygo Red Pop. Classic. 

I see now that they have added S'more Bread Pudding to the menu, so obviously I must eat there again, hopefully in the shop this time. Parking over there is really annoying, so I generally avoid the need to. But S'more Bread Pudding? I will make the effort! 

If grilled cheese maybe isn't your thing (that's weird, dude), you can also order mac 'n cheese or a salad with chips, coleslaw, a pickle, and a regular pop that isn't Faygo (again, that's kind of weird). And S'more Bread Pudding. 


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