Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ann Arbor's New Lucky's Market

Do you remember where the Kroger's was near the corner of S Industrial and Packard? I had no idea they'd left until a friend alerted me to Lucky's Market moving in. I worked in the grocery business for something like 8 years, and I don't recall ever hearing of them either, though it turns out they have stores in 11 states. (Lucky's was started in Boulder, CO in 2003.) Ann Arbor's was the first in Michigan. (Another will be opening in Traverse City, soon.)

Lucky's is a fun shopping experience that has become one of our favorites. On our first trip, Greg was overjoyed to find Zapp's Potato Chips, a product he missed from his college days in New Orleans. I was impressed with the large bins of bulk candy, though I refrained from indulging. I also like that in addition to labeling certain products as gluten-free as other stores do, Lucky's labels locally made products! From their website:
We seek the freshest local, organic, sustainable and traditionally crafted foods made with purpose and pride to sell in our stores. We also passionately support local farmers and organic foods with a garden to table belief that celebrates our neighbors in the community.
And there are plenty of local brands to choose from. I loved Ferndale-based Garden Fresh's garlic and chive hummus, especially wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves with a slice of turkey. I also love their tortilla chips and fresh salsa. This was the first I'd seen the garlic and chive hummus, and I haven't found it at other stores that carry the Garden Fresh brand, either. 

Another thing that impressed me about Lucky's is their bring-your-own-bag policy. Like many stores these days, if use your own bags, you can save a few dimes. Or you can accept tokens instead and place them into one of the donation slots on your way out. Donate your 10 cents reward and Lucky's will match that donation to the charity of your choice. There were 3 when we were there, and we put a token in each to be fair. I like it when a business - especially one not based in-town - makes the extra effort to not only make itself a part of its new community, but help that community. Girls on the Run is a wonderful program that I was glad to see receiving such support. 

Greg and I will definitely continue shopping at Lucky's. It's bigger than Aldi and Trader Joe's (and less crowded), but not as big - or as annoying to try to park at - as Whole Foods (nor as expensive). As the story says, it's just right. 

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