Sunday, June 21, 2015

Harvest Round Venison Steak

I told you I'd post more wild game recipes! This one comes to us from GroupRecipes' Harvest Round Steak. Except instead of beef steaks, Greg used our venison round steaks. Twas a delicious substitution.

I reiterate that venison is a much leaner meat than the beef. Deer run around the forest, leap away from predators (and into traffic), and just overall get a lot more exercise than do cows. This is generally true for all wild game versus domesticated. Hence a lot of venison is cut with beef when ground - added fat. But there is no added fat to round steaks. (Not that I can tell, anyway.) So you must be mindful when looking at substituting venison for beef in recipes. You don't want the meat to dry out.

This particular recipe had moisture added from the other ingredients - onions and apples, for example - which helped. (One of the ingredients is also water.) I really liked it! Very "harvesty." (Maybe we should have saved it for the Fall?) I would make it again with beef. Apples, onions, and sweet potatoes may sound like an odd combination, but I really quite liked it! And they well complemented the gamier flavor of venison.
Side track: What does "gamey" even mean? 
Before I had venison, people always told me that it tastes like beef, but gamier. Wha? That means nothing to a person who has never had "game." A lot of dictionary definitions (here are some) say that "gamey" is basically the stronger flavor of slightly tainted meat. Yummy! The best I can say is that wild game - gamey meat - has a more pungent flavor. I realize that the word pungent is usually used to describe smell, but the way that a pungent odor smells is basically how gamey meat tastes. It is stronger, sometimes with more of a tang to it. There can also, at times, be a pungent odor (maybe because it has become "tainted").
That is the last of the wild game meat in the freezer that needs to be cooked. There is still, I believe, a roll of venison salami. Greg seems to be saving it for something, but what I do not know. I think it would be great with cheese and crackers! Maybe a little wine, though red or white I cannot decide. It's summer now, so maybe a pitcher of sangria is in order. Perhaps this is something that should be served at our housewarming party! (Whenever that will be...) If this happens, rest assured, I will post pictures and give a fill report. I've never eaten venison salami before! It sounds tasty!

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