Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chicken and Green Beans Skillet

I actually followed this recipe for Chicken Green Bean and Rice Skillet Dinner from Moms Who Think pretty accurately! I did substitute actual rice for instant rice because my rice cooker easily cooked the rice I needed while everything else was cooking on the stove. (Two cups of rice takes about 20 minutes.)

Also, as you can see when comparing my photo with the above linked page's photo, my chicken pieces were smaller (we had bought tenders rather than full-sized breasts), which made it more of a bowl dinner than a plate dinner. And I skipped the French-fried onions because meh, nor did I serve with rolls and corn. I don't think we had any veggies (yeah, yeah, corn is a grain) with this other than the green beans that are part of the dish, which is really what attracted me to this recipe in the first place. I like meals that are all-in-one. Quick, easy, healthy, and compact. I love casseroles.

I highly recommend both this skillet dish and the website from whence it came. I've pulled a few recipes from their list of Quick and Easy 30 Minute Chicken Meals. There is also a section for slow cookers, casserolesfreezer meals, and more! I am not sure how I came across this site. Pinterest might be to blame. (Or thank. I think thank in this case.)

So this hasn't been a very involved update. I hope I have passed on a great resource, though. I like sharing resources as much as my kitchen follies, which have become less frequent lately. I must be improving!

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