Sunday, July 5, 2015

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Breakfast Shake

I have no idea where this recipe comes from. I wish I did because I'd like to find more! I was going through random scrap papers one day - old receipts, notes to myself, lists of books to read - and found this recipe scribbled on one of them, which means it probably came from one of the many books we carry at one of my two hourly jobs. Which does not narrow the source down. 

Here is a picture of the recipe:

I use 1 small banana or 1/2 of a large one because bananas can have a really strong flavor sometimes, especially when very ripe. I also use peanut butter because I like it, and it is cheap. Obviously, sun butter or another kind of butter can be substituted, as well as non-dairy milk alternatives (almond would be nice) to make this shake more allergy friendly. I also use medjool dates 1) because that is all the Meijer in Belleville carries and 2) they are stupid delicious. I eat them on their own now when I am feeling a sugar craving. Nature's candy? I think so. 

There is one other ingredient I have started adding that is not listed: chia seeds. Yes, like a chia pet. Like flax seeds, chia seeds are high in omega-3s and fiber. Unlike flax seeds, they are not obnoxiously crunchy and kind of disgusting. (I tried flax. I stopped.) Chia seeds actually turn into teeny tapioca-like globules, kind of like the pearls that I don't like in bubble tea. (Do people still drink bubble tea?) In a smoothie like this, the chia seeds turn into gummy pellets, thickening the shake, and go largely unnoticed.

I layer the ingredients in my blender in the order listed in the recipe (unlisted chia seeds last) because there is no real reason not to. I have learned starting with the milk, at the very least, is best since my blender has cup markings on it and if I add the banana first, as has happened, I screw up my measuring of the milk. My blender is old (from before grounded electrical outlets), but it works amazingly well. Better than a modern smoothie maker that my mother gave me when she didn't need it anymore. (It smoothed nothing.) 

If I measure correctly, I can get two servings out of this. What I end up doing a lot of the time is pour what will fit into a 12 oz glass container that, in a former life, was home to Nantucket Nectars Grapeade. The rest I put into a cup and drink on the spot. I find the glass bottle very useful for storing the shake in the fridge for later use, or, more often, taking with me to work since I often don't eat breakfast before heading in as I am not usually hungry first thing in the morning. (Probably because we don't eat dinner until very late most nights.) I once made a double batch, enough to ensure I had breakfast for that day and the next two. The blender did not explode chocolate everywhere. (Lucky!)

I really like this shake, and I drink it for more than breakfast now. To avoid buying things like Caramel Ice Dragons and Pringles from Sweetwaters while at work, I bring this shake with me. It helps! I just need more glass bottles to store them in. Maybe it's time to wash out some old mason jars and start matching up lids. Which means it also might be time to make some refrigerator oatmeal, a delightful summer breakfast that I discovered last year. (This is also where I got the idea to add chia seeds to this shake.) It's good to vary up a routine, right? 

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