Sunday, August 16, 2015

What To Do With Leftover Rice and Vegetables

There are a lot of things you can do with leftover plain white rice that don't involve just heating it up and eating it. You can use it to make homemade fried rice, rice pudding, or, what I made with mine most recently, create a yummy egg scramble. Here is what I did!

First, I had about half a cup of leftover rice, so about a single serving, though this could have fed two if other foods were involved (like turkey bacon and muffins, for example). After putting the rice in my 10" greased frying pan, I added 3 whole eggs and blended the two with a spatula. This is more or less how you make fried rice, by the way.

Next, I added about 1/4 cup of leftover mixed vegetables, 1 mushroom from our oyster mushroom growing kit, and a few splashes of soy sauce for flavor. It is best to cook this on a low or low-medium heat unless you prefer your eggs browned. You also need to keep a close eye on it and keep moving the mash around with a spatula to ensure even cooking in addition to no burning.

That was it. I considered adding this to a tortilla and making a breakfast burrito, but as I said before, I am cutting down on carbs and rice is carby enough.

So I got rid of a few leftovers with this concoction, the rice and the vegetables! I often mix these two leftovers together just on their own, heating them up in the microwave. This was a delicious - and simple! - upgrade. 

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