Monday, September 21, 2015

Where to Get a Cafe Miel in Ann Arbor

The cafe miel, or honey latte as it is sometimes billed, is my latest coffee obsession. I have mentioned it at least twice in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. I don't usually have coffee obsessions, so it's pretty unique. My former go-to coffee drink was the caramel latte, which lately has been bothering my stomach. Perhaps it is the more natural sweetness of the honey that makes it more palatable to me now. I couldn't say. But I can tell you all the places I've had one, in order of encounter, so that you may also try one.

1) Babo: a Market By Sava The place of Discovery.
2) Argus Farm Stop Made with Row's Roast coffee. Mmm!
3) Lab Cafe I mention their cafe con miel in the current issue of the CW Journal. They add something a little extra. I think it's cinnamon?
4) Crazy Wisdom Tea Room Yes, yes, I know it's a tea room - it's in the name. (Also I work downstairs.) But they also serve Mighty Good coffee (that is the name of the roaster, by the way, not a personal comment on the quality of the coffee). So if tea is not your bag, you can still enjoy the ambiance of the tea room with your preferred bitter - or sweet - beverage. 

And the quest continues...

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