Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Loading Kitchen... 50%

So we don't have a fully functioning kitchen yet. Or even partial since there is no sink, the stove is unhooked and across the room, and the new cabinets don't have countertops. I put together a table from Ikea so we'd have a surface to work on. 

I also found the George Foreman grill and tried to cook chicken on it last night, but it went nowhere fast so we ended up eating out again. (We've eaten out almost every day since moving in over a week ago.) Tonight Greg succeeded in using the Foreman to grill flat turkey meatballs. He also heated up some frozen mixed vegetables in the microwave I unearthed a couple days ago, and opened a bottle of red wine called Cave Canem (Latin for "beware of dog") that I brought home on Monday. It went well with the food.

So that was our first homecooked meal made in our new house! It feels a little like camping, except we're better prepared when camping. 

Sorry I have no pictures. We don't even have WiFi. I'm updating this on our Verizon tablet, which has really annoying autocorrect. ATT will be out the 15th to see about internet, so updates may be sporadic until then.