Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Johnny Bread (Cornbread)

Johnnycake is what my Grandma Coburn called cornbread. The recipe I have for Johnny Bread, courtesy of a group milling cornmeal as a demonstration of old engines at the historical festival in Ypsilanti last summer, blends these two names and warranted investigation.

Wow! Are there ever some variances of these two things. And they do seem to be two things as Wikipedia has one entry for Johnnycake and a separate one for cornbread. This Johnny Bread looks like a northern U.S. cornbread, rather than Johnnycake, recipe since it involves half wheat flour and half cornmeal. Southern style cornbread uses more cornmeal and less sugar. Johnnycake is unleavened cornbread, and this recipe calls for baking soda. 

My one substitution was butter for Crisco because that shit will kill you. (I've read that the original Crisco recipe has changed to make it safer for human consumption, but I don't trust it and limit my own consumption.) 

I'd never heard of sour milk before. It's easy to make and does not taste bad (yes, I tried it - couldn't resist). This recipe as whole was very easy to make! And I had all the ingredients on hand. Northern cornbread is supposed to be more "cake-like" than bread, but I didn't get that with this recipe. Jiffy's cornbread mix, my usual go-to, is definitely on the fluffy side. 

This also could have used more salt, in my opinion, an odd assertion for me because I don't really like salt (my nutritionist called me salt-deficient). There is still some cornmeal left, so I will take that into consideration next time. (Another use for cornmeal, cookies!)

So there you have it - Johnny Bread! Which is really cornbread and not Johnnycake.

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